Cost of Services

Cinderfella’s believes that our pricing should be just as unique as our clients’ residences. Why should you pay the exact same price as someone else? You shouldn’t! With that being said, every cleaning quote is done specifically according to the details of your residence and based on your particular cleaning needs. At that time, you can determine specifics and the cleaning schedule that best suits your needs

What to Expect:

-We will discuss what you feel your current cleaning needs are and also what’s to be expected from a residential cleaning with Cinderfella’s.
-All the areas to be cleaned in your residence will be measured by square-footage (very helpful if you possess the current floor plans with measurements) along with some notations for each room.
-You will be given a price quote for services and select a date and time when you would like for cleaning to commence!
-We do not clean more than arms-length above 4ft off the ground unless it’s with an extension due to our insurance limits. This comes into play specifically with ceiling fans.


Residential Cleaning Tasks:

*All tasks are subject and customized to client’s selected cleaning schedule*

Standard Residential Cleaning


Use of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
(Unless Provided by Client)

Dust Furniture, Lamps, Picture Frames,
Shelving, Knickknacks, Lamps, and Ceiling Fans

Dust/Wash Woodwork and Baseboards

Empty Wastebaskets

Vacuum Floors

Remove Cobweb



Clean Cabinets, Major Appliances
Exteriors, and Dining Furniture

Clean and Sanitize Sinks, Countertops,
Backsplashes, Small Appliances and
Microwave Oven Inside and Out


Clean and Sanitize Sinks, Vanities, Backsplashes, Toilets, Showers, and Bathtubs

Clean Mirrors

Polish Fixtures


Vacuum Upholstery

Make Beds

Premium Residential Services

Interior Window Cleaning

Clothes Washing & Drying
Folding and Hanging

Linen Washing and Drying

Dry Cleaning Drop Off Service
Your Preferred Dry Cleaner

Oven Cleaning

Refrigerator/Freezer Cleaning

Wall Washing

Interior Cabinet Cleaning

Closet Organization

Packing and Unpacking

Move In/Out Cleaning

Special Event Preparation and
Clean Up

Post-Construction Cleaning

Other Services Upon Request

Move-In/Out Cleaning
All Rooms
• Dust and Wipe All Shelving, Window Seals, Doors, and Door Frames
• Clean Interior of Windows
• Clean All Baseboards and Door Frames
• Vacuum All Floors
• Clean and Polish All Light Fixtures
• Remove Cobwebs
• Deodorize

• Clean Stove Hood
• Clean Cabinet Interiors/Exteriors
• Clean and Sanitize Sinks, Countertops, Backsplashes,
• Clean and Sanitize Microwave Oven (if applicable)

• Clean and Sanitize Sinks, Vanities, Backsplashes, Toilets, Showers, and Bathtubs
• Clean Mirrors
• Polish Fixtures
• Clean Cabinet Interiors/Exteriors

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